Skilled Services

Skilled Nursing Services play a vital role in home health care, as they involve the provision of specialized medical care and support in the comfort of a patient’s home.

At Kindest Care, these services are delivered by Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Home Health Aides that are highly trained and qualified to administer medical treatments and monitor patients’ health conditions.

Here are some key aspects of Skilled Nursing Services that Kindest Care offer:

1. Assessment and Care Planning:

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of a patient’s health and medical history to develop individualized care plans.
  • Work in collaboration with the patient’s healthcare team, including physicians and therapists, to establish goals and strategies for care.

2. Medication Management:

  • Administer medications as prescribed by the patient’s physician, ensuring proper dosage and timing.
  • Educate patients and caregivers about medication management and potential side effects.

3. Wound Care:

  • Provide wound care services, including cleaning, dressing changes, and monitoring for signs of infection.
  • Manage complex wounds, such as surgical incisions or pressure ulcers.

4. IV Therapy:

  • Administer intravenous (IV) medications and fluids, monitor IV lines for complications, and teach patients and caregivers how to care for IV equipment.

5. Monitoring Vital Signs:

  • Regularly assess and record vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, and temperature.
  • Use this data to track changes in a patient’s condition and make necessary adjustments to the care plan.

6. Disease Management:

  • Provide specialized care for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory disorders.
  • Educate patients about managing their conditions, monitor symptoms, and assist with symptom management.

7. Pain Management:

  • Manage pain through a variety of techniques, including administering pain medications, implementing non-pharmacological pain relief methods, and assessing pain levels.

8. Education and Training:

  • Skilled nurses educate patients and their caregivers on managing medical conditions, adhering to treatment plans, and promoting overall health and well-being.
  • They teach patients how to perform tasks like wound care, medication administration, and ostomy care.

9. Catheter Care and Management:

  • Skilled nurses provide care for patients with urinary or fecal catheters, including insertion, maintenance, and monitoring for complications.

10. Assisting with Medical Equipment:

  • Help patients and caregivers understand and use medical equipment, such as ventilators, infusion pumps, or oxygen therapy devices.

Home Health Care Aide :

  • Home health aides provide basic personal needs such as getting out of bed, walking, bathing, and dressing. Our Home Health Aides have gone through specialized training to assist with more specialized care under the supervision of a nurse.

Private Duty Nursing :

At Kindest Care, our Private Duty Nurses (PDN) are specialized in providing one-on-one medical care services to our patients. All our PDN nurses are either Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) which is a guarantee they are trained and qualified for providing the customized care our clients need. Nurses at Kindest Care Healthcare offer the services not only in a patient’s home.

Kindest Care provide its high quality skilled nursing services in the patient’s home, where they need it the most.  The ultimate aim and focus is to promote healing, manage medical conditions, and enhance the quality of life for patients in the comfort of their own homes. These services are typically covered by insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, for eligible individuals who meet specific criteria. Our goal of providing skilled nursing care in the home is to enable our patients to maintain their independence and receive high-quality medical care in a familiar and supportive environment.