Kindest Care Healthcare Services aims to provide care to its patients where it is needed the most – In the comfort of their homes. Our commitment to our patients’ health doesn’t end at the hospital or doctor’s office–there is times when they may need health care in the comfort of their own home. Through our superior home health care service, we bring compassionate, quality health care home to our patients. Our home health care services offer complete home health care services to our patients, whether acutely ill, temporarily disabled or requiring long-term care.

From medical check-ups to rehabilitation therapies, we offer the most comprehensive range of licensed home care services in Pennsylvania.

Our Services include:
• Medical and surgical nursing care
• Meals on Wheels
• Housekeeping and home health assistance
• Full-time nursing care
• Periodic check ups
• Rehabilitation care and therapies
• Social services and counseling on health-related issues

From newborns to seniors, our patients get the health care they need, where they need it most–at home. These services are provided directly through our agency employees.

Skilled medical services:

We provide skilled nursing services including assessment, planning, interventions and evaluation of patients in their homes. Services of an RN include wound care and changing dressing after a major surgery or administering and monitoring I.V antibiotics after severe infection. Some patients may also require injections, ventilations and other treatments.

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