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Our unique approach to home health care allows your loved one to remain at home—and your family to feel at ease!



Kindest Care
HealthCare, LLC.

Licensed by State of Pennsylvania Department of Home Health, Medicare and Medicaid of Pennsylvania




Welcome to Kindest Care Healthcare


Our unique approach to home health care allows your loved one to remain at home—and your family to feel at ease.

Our Home Care & Respite Services include:

  • Skilled Nursing Services & Nursing Care - Our Home Health Specialists providing these services in the greater Philadelphia and Bucks County areas are Certified Home Health Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants as well as our Skilled Care Experts (Registered Nurses and Licensed Nurse Practitioners)
  • Therapy - Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Medical Social Worker
  • Housekeeping & Home Health Assistance - Our Companion and Housekeeping Services are provided by highly trained caregivers and companions


Why Hire Kindest Care Healthcare?
Experience Affordable and Competent Eldercare


We understand how important it is to you when it comes to home health care for a member of your family.  A no-cost consultation with Kindest Care Healthcare will help put your mind at ease, especially when it comes to effective, safe, affordable, convenient and quality care for your loved one.   Additionally, Kindest Care Healthcare will handle worker’s compensation insurance, social security and all other income tax withholdings—eliminating any reporting requirements or liability on behalf of our valued clients.


The following are the reasons why Kindest Care Healthcare is uniquely qualified to provide your elder care:
  • A licensed home healthcare agency in the state of Pennsylvania and not an employment agency
  • All care will be monitored by a Registered Nurse on an ongoing basis
  • When necessary, we can provide live-in care
  • Assumes responsibility for worker taxes, insurance, benefits, etc.
  • Back-up system in place should usual caregiver be unable to work
  • Caregiver supervision and replacement—if you are not pleased with a caregiver, the agency will handle dismissal and replacement
  • Experienced caregivers ready to work on short notice
  • Full background and reference checks on employees
  • Provides continuing education for caregivers


At Kindest Care Healthcare, We Are Always Ready to Assist

Discover how your loved one can benefit from our experience and elder care services. Call 1.215.639.4646 -OR- 1.214.394-7679 to speak with one of our advisors for your no-cost assessment or to explore your family's home health care needs.